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We are searching for individuals, kids, and families in the Lakeland area to join our puppy raiser team!

Join our Puppy Raiser & Foster Trainer program! This is an amazing opportunity to participate in hands-on training experience with our temperament tested Service Dogs in training. As a Puppy Raiser & Foster Trainer, you will care for one of our program pups in your home.

The program includes:

1) Attending or dropping off for our Puppy Raiser / Foster Trainer weekly classes in the Lakeland or Plant City, FL area. 
2) Following a daily schedule, customized to accommodate your daily routine. 
3) Daily interaction, developmental, and desensitization training sessions. 
4) Sending videos of your progress to allow our professional trainers to respond with feedback and adjustments to the training plan. 
5) Great opportunity for everyone, including kids and teenagers to learn how to become dog trainers, and give back to the community! 

ASA provides everything you’ll need to care for the pup, including food, toys, crate, training equipment, and vet care. No extended commitment required to participate.

We have a variety of dog breeds and ages in the training program, some hypoallergenic. The dogs in training range anywhere from 10 weeks to 2 years old.

Golden puppy smiling and wearing a red service dog vest

What are the benefits of participating in the program? 

1) Making a positive impact in the lives of disabled individuals! As a result of the time, care, education, and love given to your Service Dog in training, you just might experience the incredibly rewarding feeling of knowing that YOU helped others live more fulfilling lives! You’ll be able to proudly say you’ve trained an autism, mobility support, seizure response, wheelchair assistance, and/or a PTSD Service Dog! 
2) The opportunity to acquire a unique skill; training assistance dogs! This skillset is often obtained through expensive schooling, however our organization offers the education free of charge!
3) Community Service hours, and a resource for letters of recommendations and job references.

4) Becoming a member of our ASA community of amazing volunteers, Service Dog Teams, and professional trainers; all with a passion to "help people, one dog at a time"! 
5) Opportunity to participate in many of our other fun, educational, and community-involved events. 

Please use this form to contact us if you are interested in joining our Puppy Raiser & Foster Trainer Program.

Join the Program!

Thanks for applying to for the puppy raiser & foster trainer program!
We'll get back to you soon.

A happy black lab puppy laying down
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