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Our experience with ASA Service Dogs could not have been more amazing. Amanda and her team did an incredible job communicating with us from start to finish. We had been turned down by several other agencies due to our son’s age, and were on the waitlist with three other organizations for nearly a year and a half before we stumbled across ASA’s website and decided to fill out an application. We had an active slot with ASA within just weeks, and the team let us know all of the requirements very thoroughly up front. A process that we thought would take at least 2 years ended up taking only 6 months, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the ASA team (and of course, our smarty pants pup). Jet has been the biggest blessing to our family! He is the perfect fit for our boy and we couldn’t be any more thrilled to have him home. We will be forever grateful to Amanda and her team for this amazing match! We cannot recommend this organization more highly!

-Tiffany, Tanner’s Mom

A young boy wearing a red and green elf costume laying on the ground with his head in his hands under a Christmas tree. A dog wearing a Santa costume lays calmly next to him.
Three photos in a horiztonal line. (Left) A dog in a down stay as a young boy plays air hockey. (Middle) A woman giving a young boy a hug. (Right) A woman standing next to a brown dog in a service vest with a young boy holding the leash.

“The boys are doing amazing! We are so proud of them both! We recently took our first small family vacation with Jetty and he did soooo good! The picture is during this vacation when we took tanner to Dave and Busters. Jet was a real trooper, in spite of all the noise and commotion! He and Tanner were tethered several times during the trip and they did great! Of course everyone around us was infatuated with him and wanted to talk to him and pet him, but Jet did a great job of ignoring all the attention and focusing on his boy…We had taken Tanner to Dave and Busters previously, but we had several meltdowns and he cried almost the whole time. This time was totally different, he had tons of fun and didn’t meltdown one time! Jet didn’t have to perform any particular tasks or do anything while we were there, but I think just having him close by brought Tan some comfort and he was more at ease. It’s hard to explain, but he was a totally different kid, and the only difference was our sweet Jet :)”

-Tiffany, Tanner’s Mom


(Left) Woman in a green Ohio University sweater sitting on a bench looking down at her service dog who is sitting next to her focused on her. (Right) A woman in a green sweater standing at a counter while a service dog in a green harness stands behind her.

Amazing organization! Placed me with my service dog almost 3 years ago and my pup and his training have turned my life around. 10/10 would recommend!

– Mackenzie


“When you are checking into the hotel…being patient is hard work. It’s overwhelming too! A new place, new sounds, new people, new stimulation. Moosey Man was able to help with a touch!” 

– Jamie H, Landon’s Mom

Collage of a young boy and his autium service dog


Two photos of a man smiling and petting his happy service dog

“With the assistance of Roscoe and my wonderful and beautiful wife Teri I made my first trip away from home.” “It was Roscoe’s first flight and he did great providing me comfort and something to focus on other than my anxiety.”

-Pete B.


Five stars isn’t nearly enough for rating my Service Dog, called Doc, or ASA Service Dogs, Inc. Doc is my 24/7 partner who keeps me safe every day while bringing me great joy. She was professionally trained by ASA as a mobility dog but she is more than that. Doc is my inspiration for living my best possible life in spite of having an untreatable disability. My granddaughter painted her a special harness that says…Wonder Woman. And, that she is….My ASA Wonder Woman!

-Tish F.

A collage of four photos. (Top left) A woman sitting outside next to her mobility support service dog who is wearing a Wonder Woman harness. (Top right) Service dog handler pushing a shopping cart with her service dog standing beside her. (Bottom left) A brown dog standing outside in a field of grass wearing a red service dog vest. (Bottom right) A brown dog wearing a mobility harness and shoes laying down on place outside.


ASA is an amazing organization. They are professional, kind, and really know their stuff. My service dog Charlie and I have been working together for about 8 months and she still continues to amaze me with how smart and well trained she is. I couldn’t have asked for a better match.

– Stephanie H.

A collage featuring three photos. (left)Black dog lays on top of person. (Middle) A black dog wearing a Batman shirt. (Right) A female handler walking outside with her black service dog who is wearing a red vest


Collage of Alaskan Malamute Service Dog and its handler

ASA Service Dogs saved my life. I worked with ASA to train my personal dog to become a service dog. Machiavelli is able to reliably alert to my medical condition no matter the environment and provide support during medical episodes. With Machiavelli by my side, I have so much more independence and my quality of life has improved dramatically. Amanda is a fantastic trainer for both dogs and their handlers. I will be forever grateful. Thank you, ASA!

-Amanda S.

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