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ASA offers the opportunity for kids to participate in this hands-on training experience with our temperament tested Assistance Dogs!

We discuss: individuals with disabilities and how we can help, working dogs, safety, the importance of exercise, communication skills, grooming, vet care, acting appropriately around dogs, and last but not least; the pawesome world of DOG TRAINING!

Jr. Trainers participate by helping us train our Program Assistance Dogs! They might desensitize our younger puppies, distract the older pups, or even have the chance for a hands-on training experience with our advanced dogs!!

Sometimes we have Assistance Dog Teams come back for follow-ups; Jr. Trainers might get to meet Maggie the Wheelchair SD Team, Atlas the Mobility Support SD Team, and/or Aspen the Autism SD and his family back for refresher training. 

Education is the primary goal of the ASA organization! We train dogs, handlers, recipients, family members, healthcare professionals, other trainers, and the general public; now we're educating our future generations - the KIDS!

Our teaching methods emphasize balance, structure, fairness, focus, compassion, attention to detail, planning, empathy, routine, responsibility, and finding enjoyment in “work”!

The Jr. Trainer Program is offered at no charge! Donations are always appreciated so our nonprofit organization can continue offering FREE educational programs and events.

A group of kids pose for a photo with service dogs in training at ASA's jr trainer kids club
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The ASA Read to the Dogs (RTTD) Program encourages literacy, communication skills, confidence, and education! We give kids (and adults) the opportunity to practice reading aloud to our temperament tested Assistance Dogs!

Along with improving these valuable life-skills, we are also spreading awareness about: disabilities and the way Service Dogs can help, how to interact safely with dogs, and the pawesome world of animal training!

Individuals with dyslexia, lacking social and/or communication skills, or just don't feel comfortable reading out loud; will feel confident reading to our tail wagging, tolerant, and nonjudgmental Assistance Dogs!!

The RTTD Program is offered locally or online. Please click the button below to contact our volunteer and events coordinator if you are interested in additional information or would like to be notified directly of online Read to the Dog challenges and events.

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