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ASA Service Dogs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Assistance Dog placement, training education, and awareness.


ASA provides a wide range services to individuals and families needing support to enhance daily function, incident intervention and recovery, and improve overall quality of life. Our dogs receive targeted training to meet the specific needs of their unique recipients. 

ASA charity promotes awareness, inclusiveness, and education. We offer free educational events, including Read to the Dogs for Literacy, workshops for our local special needs community, educational experiences for schools and scouts, and one-on-one mentoring for Foster Trainers, students, and volunteers of all ages!

ASA stands for...

Alert, Specialized, Aligned 

Alert- ASA Service Dogs are are trained to Alert in response to specific odors, sounds, behaviors, and/or emotional changes! 

Specialized - ASA Service Dogs receive Specialized training to assist each one of our uniquely disabled recipients.

Aligned- ASA Service Dogs are in alignment with the needs of their special person by assisting with goals, intentions, routines, and the overall quality of daily life.


A young girl reads a book to a service dog in training during a community educational program
Outside among flowers, a young woman with brown hair in a braid wearing an offical ASA Service Dogs tshirt makes a silly happy face while a black lab wearing a red bandana gives her kisses


Amanda Taulborg

From college, Amanda Taulborg eagerly stepped into the medical field, only to discover that the conventional healthcare system did not align with her career path intentions. Holistic and therapeutic approaches to healing and wellness resonated at a deeper level, which led her down an incredibly beneficial and rewarding path of "helping people one dog at a time"!


At a young age, she stumbled upon the expansive world of dog training, and found her passion! She has almost two decades of professional hands on training experience, not to mention thousands of hours at seminars, conferences, conventions, certification classes, meetings, and symposiums! She has apprenticed, interned, worked along side, and taught well-known professional trainers (and from various countries) resulting in extensive knowledge and diverse methods of dog training, specializing in Assistance Dogs.


After years of dog training application, combined with medical and mental health education, she realized her intentions by founding the nonprofit organization, ASA Service Dogs, Inc. in 2013.  She has since dedicated her life to helping others by providing compassion, loyalty, love, a shoulder to cry on, tail wags, and boop kisses!

     Amanda has over 19 years of professional 

hands on experience, including:

  • Service Dog Task and Public Access Training

  • Extensive knowledge of Disabilities-and how to help!

  • Autism communication and response Courses 

  • Therapy Preparatory Classes

  • Scent Detection; Peanut Allergens, Narcotics & Explosives, Nose-Work education

  • Medical Odor Alert; Diabetic blood sugar changes, pre-anaphylaxis alert, heart rate change indications

  • Assistance Dog Testing

  • Puppy Testing, Behavior, and Desensitization Training

  • Housebreaking and Manners

  • Basic & Advanced Obedience Training

  • K9 Fitness Instruction

  • Aggression Rehabilitation

  • Protection Fundamentals

  • Doc Diving

  • Tracking

  • Agility

  • Veterinary Care- Pet CPR and First Aid Certified

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