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Help Us Help Others "One Dog at a Time"


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The ASA Service Dogs PROGRAM

offers innumerable benefits.


WHO and HOW does our Service Dog Program help?


Our Service Dog recipients receive a loyal, compassionate, joyful, and loving presence with specialized training. In addition to performing tasks to that assist their disabled best friend, SD's encourage daily routines, teach responsibilities, improve communication skills, and provide companionship!

Recipients have described the feeling of an SD by their side as encouraging, healing, and hopeful to know their loving best friend is there JUST for them.

Young girl in purple shirt sits on the floor with her black service dog's head in her lap
A young girl from the puppy raiser program sits with a golden retreiver service dog in training
A woman in a UF shirt poses with her black service dog who has their paws on her wheelchair
A girl hugs a white poodle service dog while they both sit on the ground


The family and friends of a Service Dog Team benefit from the love, comfort, and laughter the service dog adds to daily life.

Additionally they witness the benefits of their loved one's improved quality of life; this may look like:

  • A family noticing their daughter's literacy skills are improving because she practices reading to her judgement-free best friend.

  • A son is excited that his father with PTSD is able to attend his soccer games again, with the assistance and confidence of his Service Dog by his side. 

  • A mother relieved because her autistic child deescalated quicker and in less time than previous meltdowns, by having their dog perform Deep Pressure Therapy and redirection tasks.

  • A family more at ease because their child doesn't require as many late night trips to the emergency room; the Service Dog alerts 15-minutes prior to an anaphylactic reaction, resulting in faster EpiPen response time, and considerably less visit to the ER.


Previously destined for the life of a pet or even living in a shelter, our dogs instead go on to become educated and cared for family members. Our dogs are called upon to do incredible work for their handlers. And this higher calling comes with perks; service dogs get to go places most dogs can’t.

ASA Service Dogs have fun, too! When not working, they may be resting, visiting other members of the family, playing with dog friends, exercising, or even on vacation!

A young woman in graduate regalia stands besides her black poodle service dog who is also wearing a graduation cap
A service dog wearing a brightly colored bandana chases bubbles in a field
A black lab holds a ball in his mouth that depicts a fake smile full of funny teeth
An Alaskan Malamute service dog smiles in front of Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World's


We are incredibly proud of the value we add to our community through educational programs and events. A few of the programs we offer:


Members of our community learn how to train a dog - a unique skill that many pay thousands of dollars to go to school to learn! This program offers hands-on education that allows both kids and teenagers to get involved. Participants can learn valuable life skills, discover a possible career path, and all while accruing community service hours.

A girl in a grey ASA Service Dog shrit crouches down next to a golden retriever service dog in training
A mom and her son sitting on the floor with a brown service dog in training
A boy sits on the floor with a service dog in training laying over his lap


Our group of dogs, trainers, and volunteers visit schools, camps, clubs like Girl and Boy Scouts, libraries, and other events to teach kids (and adults!) about the awesome world of assistance dogs! We are excitedly spreading awareness about disabilities, the proper ways to interact with dogs, various dog breeds, and the awesome world of animal training. We give the kids an opportunity to read their favorite books aloud to the dogs. Kids with dyslexia, those lacking strong social skills, or children who just don't feel confident reading out loud, feel comfortable reading to our judgement-free, loving dogs!

A young girl reads from a book while a dog listens and is fed a treat
A young boy shows a dog pictures from the book he is reading aloud
A young girl reads to a service dog in training


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