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A Therapy dog team visits patients with the intentions of making them feel better. For example, a certified therapy dog team might visit a hospital, children’s home, or nursing home. Generally these dogs are trained at service dog training standards because of the importance of safety and control in these environments. ASA provides trained therapy dogs, therapy dog handler training, therapy dog team testing preparatory classes, and certification. Other types of therapy dogs can be found at:

  • Libraries ready to provide no-judgement listening ears to children learning how to read.

  • Funeral homes offering a shoulder to cry on and grief relief.

  • Psychiatry offices calming, redirecting, and comforting patients.

  • Tragic events and disaster situations, easing those in a state of panic or overwhelming grief.

  • Warning: Therapy Dogs tend to make people, smile, giggle, and sometimes even laugh out loud!

Therapy dogs helping people and playing
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