JP and his dog Toby

Mackenzie and her dog Remus

No more scary haircuts! This used to be a struggle for JP, mom, and the hair dresser. Now that JP has his autism service dog Toby (his best friend and companion) JP is confident, calm, and ready to conquer the world!

Toby practicing his "over" command with JP. This task is similar to a weighted blanket; the tactile redirection, and the closeness and comfort of a familiar best friend (autism service dog) result in a calming effect for the handler/recipient. Great job JP and Toby!

Time to get the eyes checked! Last year a visit to the ophthalmologist was very overwhelming, but this time Toby is right by JP's side, giving him the confidence

and reassurance to get

through this!!

Great job both of you!

"My quality of life before Remus was unlivable. Now I not only can do some of the things I used to, but I actually look forward to them. If I’m having a decent week, I will go out and do something small without Remus (sometimes alone and sometimes with a friend) and I am 100% calmer and more capable than I was before. I used to cancel on just about all plans that I made, including plans that I needed to follow through on, like doctors appointments. Now I rarely cancel.  [...]  I would definitely recommend a service dog for others. Before Remus I tried everything. Medication, therapy, in-patient stays, ect. None of them have helped me move forward, more than having a service dog. Hands down."

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